10 Things I Can Share With You About Being a Personal Trainer

As someone who spent more than two decades training people full-time, I often get asked about what I learned over the course of my personal training journey. The very brief answer is plenty, but I’ll expand on that in a moment. While I still attend a gym frequently, these days my other commitments mean that I do very little in the way of PT. However, here are some interesting pointers I would like to share with you about  being a personal training.

  • Prescribing exercise is the easy part. I can tell people what to do but I can’t make them do anything (long term)
  • Knowing what to do and doing what we know are different things. Many people are educated. And undisciplined. And out of shape. And will stay that way
  • Some, and I mean some people have no idea that they stink. Really stink.
  • Most times attitude will play a bigger role (in determining the outcome) than genetic potential will.
  • There is a direct correlation between the size of the individual’s ego and his chances of being injured at the gym.
  • A million dollars worth of equipment doesn’t (necessarily) equal a million dollar body.
  • We’re better off without too much lycra.
  • Being a qualified trainer and being a good trainer are not necessarily the same thing.
  • Being in shape physically is largely a by-product of being in shape emotionally and psychologically.
  • People lie. Especially about their eating habits.




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