Business Opportunities


Watch below to learn how you can create the lifestyle that you desire.

    We are looking for dynamic people to join our team to bring the amazing technology of ASEA Products to people around the world who need it. Lourene, is offering great opportunities to right minded people wanting to set themselves up in their own networking marketing business.

    ASEA products are for anyone that wants to look or feel better, anyone with health goals or challenges, and anyone in sports that wants to improve recovery, endurance, strength, and mental stamina. And the bonus is you can even create a substantial income from helping people, and have a lot of fun doing it.

    Lourene will be there to support and mentor you every step of the way, making sure you are getting the best chance to grow yourself and your business together. Lourene’s focus will be granting you that one wish and helping you to make it come true.

    Lourene Bevaart herself is a Super-mum with an infectious zest for life, a health and wellness professional who rose to create a thriving global business that gives her the freedom to explore, connect, create impact and generate an incredible income and be there for every precious moment with her children. 

    Her story, her business and her coaching prowess have helped tens of thousands of people directly and indirectly bring more purpose, passion, impact and income to their lives. 

    When you are happy and fulfilled with what you do, and living a life on purpose – you become a beacon of light for others. Lourene is ready to help you shed those shackles and for you to lead and live your best life moving forward.